Will you Stand with Israel?

Today I come to you with urgency. Recently President Obama made an open declaration to Benjamin Netanyahu that he wanted Israel to go back to the 1967 boarders. If Israel were to do this their country would become about 8 miles in length. Making it near impossible to defend itself against any terrorist threat. Hamas and many Palestinians are calling for the destruction and inhalation of the Jewish race and I take them at their word! Hitler, who called for this same inhalation and destruction, killed over 6 million Jews. A horrible time in our history. But it was at that time that we vowed, as Americans, that we would not let this happen again. I want to urge all everyone to please make your voices heard. I know life is busy but I believe we are at a crucial point in history and we need to speak now! God says he will bless those who bless Israel and I take Him at his word. So please write your elected officials, send letters to newspapers, to media outlets, sign petitions, pray! One way you can do this easily is through the ACLJ website-  http://www.aclj.org/ActionCenter/ . Today is the day to act. Now is the time to be heard. The more people, the more letters, the more movement we have in this country the more the word will be spread. Lets stand together as the ‘body’ of Christ, in support of Israel.


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