‘Christian Ants’

There are over three million species of animals living in the tropical rainforests. And one of them, the Red Fire Ant, who lives underground, is under constant threat of annihilation from floods.  For days they gather food and wait for the rains to come. And when they do, they interlock their bodies creating the perfect life saving raft composed of thousands of ants. Together they hold tight and as the rain hits and the waters pour they wait for the flood to end. But days and even months can pass before this trial ends. If one ant seems to be floating a drift they might reach out in effort to try to save the one lost ant, because they know, an ant on his own, is destined to sink. So they band together and once the waters recede, they arrive safely, together, on dry land.

God tells us in his Word to Not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.”  Our churches are our support, our very own colony of fire ants. When trials come and the waters hit, our fellow ants are there to support us. Locked hand in hand we can get the help we need through prayer, support, and action. Together, and with God of course, we can accomplish so much more!

Or maybe you are a member of a church whose entire ‘colony’ is going through a rough situations, maybe your church is in the midst’s of the floods. May I encourage you to hold fast to where God has placed you and interlock hand in hand with the ‘Christian Ants’ that God has placed in your path. Because together your church, your colony, with your leader Christ, can get through anything!

“Take a lesson from the ants…Learn from their ways and become wise!” Proverbs 6:6


4 responses to “‘Christian Ants’

  1. Elissa, I just read this with the kids. They were so engaged! God is amazing. I love this beautiful illustration. This year I have witnessed different events where friends and pastor’s from different churches/denominations are coming together to do things for His kingdom. It is exciting! I am so thankful for the people the Lord has put in my life – this includes you! Even though we don’t live close to each other anymore – we will always be close in heart. Love you sister – don’t stop doing what you are doing! Jill

  2. If you will allow me to add the second part to that verse… It says – “as some are in the habit of” habits are formed over time. They may start off as little things, like I’m tired today, oh my friends want to hang out, there is a game, or I’ll just watch Joel Osteen on TV today (nothing’s wrong with Watching Joel by the way, but not when you should be at church). little habits usually turn into stronghold that are hard to break.
    Great post!
    God Bless

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