“Letter to a Mother Considering Abortion”

Hi everyone! I was asked by a friend to write a general letter to people who are considering abortion and this is what came out……


Dearest Friend,

I want to tell you about the greatest woman I never met…

I don’t know much about her, other than her name. She is a woman who is selfless, courageous and heartfelt all the same. She must have had the strength of kings to choose the path she did. She weighed her choices, took a stand and battled none the less. She could have taken an easy out and walked into the clinic. Instead she chose the harder path and went about her way. Day in, day out, she prayed and cried but knew this was what’s best. It took great courage to make that stand and give up what she did. But in the end she followed faith and rose amongst the ashes.

Days and months had past and now had come the time. With hours of labor and tears in eyes, she birthed a baby child. At that moment she knew she was right and let out a modest smile. With ink in hand and tranquility in heart, she signed the papers filed. That was the last she saw of her son but at rest and peace she was. For she had chosen life not death, for her little baby son.

You see, the greatest person, I never met, is the birth parent of my two adopted sons. She had the unselfish courage and faith to give-up her children for adoption and this in turn added not only two sons to our family but, eventually, there will be grandchildren. I am forever in debt to this angel in disguise. She could have done the easy thing and gone to the clinic, but instead she brought years of joy to a person she never met. And years of joy to our two little sons who just might one day discover the cure for cancer! So I thank you Miglena, the birthparent of our sons, for giving us this gift!!

My dearest friend, I am here to ask you, to even pled with you, to not make the call to Planned Parenthood. Because there is a mother out their just waiting for your choice. It’s not too late to do what’s right and be that greatest joy!

Loving You Always!



One response to ““Letter to a Mother Considering Abortion”

  1. Elissa, Just read your beautiful words posted to N. Hahn’s blog. Thank you for sharing them in support of our CPC in Prescott. All four of your children are precious reminders of God’s love and grace and His desire to bless us with life!

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