What will People Think?

If I share that I am against abortion, what will people think….?

If I share that God doesn’t like divorce, will people get hurt….?

If I share that homosexuality and sex outside of marriage is wrong, will people think I am judging them……?

If I share that there is a hell, will people get offended…?

If I share that the accounts of the Bible are true, will they call me a lunatic…?

If I share that Jesus is the only way to heaven, will they believe me…?

If I share my faith with others, will they still like me…?

If I share a prayer with someone, will they judge me…?

If I…                 If I…               If I….

Want to know the bottom line? ….. Who cares what people think!! I believe the highest opinion we can seek is Gods option. So join me, in seeking His opinion above all else.

Love you all!


4 responses to “What will People Think?

  1. I have asked all these questions at some point in my life or another. We “should” only seek the approval of God and not man. Harder said than done 🙂

  2. Amen and amen. What if we truly believe, and truly enjoy and delight in God above everything? What if Christ Jesus is our number one treasure? We would only care what He cares, and passionately share our convictions with love, respect and concern for those who do not know Him.

    Thank you for a wonderful piece.

    In Christ,

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