Hope from a Taco Bell Cup

Hi everyone! Todays post was written by a dear friend of mine Heather Nelson, who lost her mother some years back. I thought her message was rather inspiring, so today I’m sharing it with you……


I woke this morning with thoughts of Mom.  I knew this would be a hard day.  Mother’s Day had been hard.  Eric, my husband, was gone in Kentucky and I had a grief attack at Trader Joes with all the kids.  However, when we came home from the horrible shopping trip, we found that our butterflies had hatched.  We had been watching them for a few weeks, having received them in the larva stage.  The sight of the beautiful painted lady butterflies flitting around their habitat and the joy and excitement they created, salvaged the day.  It was a gift from God – this symbol of new life and transformation.

A week later, we held them in our hands and let them go. Our habitat was cleaned and stored.  A few days later, the kids found a very interesting caterpillar at a park.  They asked to keep it and I agreed.  I barely listened as they researched our new find.  Rachel told me it was a morning cloak and it ate willow leaves.   She put the leaves in the Taco Bell cup that was now its home.  I  remember thinking the thing will likely be dead in the morning.  To our delight, we found it hanging from the lid in a nice little chrysalis the next morning and we transferred it to the habitat.  Abby informed me that it would be 10 – 14 days before it hatched.  I looked at the calendar – 10 days was Memorial Day, the anniversary of my Mom’s death.  Wouldn’t it be just like God to hatch the butterfly on that day as a comfort to me, just as He had done on Mother’s Day?  I kept this thought to myself, but thought of it often as Abby kept asking me if today was the day.

So, I awoke this morning remembering my last hours with mom.  She died at 7:30 in the morning.  I had held her hand and let her go.  When you see someone die, the body that is left is not unlike a chrysalis.  I had no trouble leaving her body in the hospital bed or even in the grave.  It was so clearly not her.  Still, I was grieving the loss of her and wondering again whether she was in her heavenly home.  Is God real?  Is this life really all there is and I just believe this God stuff to comfort myself?

I finished my shower and started some laundry.  As I walked into the kitchen, I saw it.  A large black butterfly resting on the side of the habitat.  I smiled and thought, I wonder if it hatched at the same time of the morning that mom had died?  As I wondered about this, I pulled down my breakfast dish and noticed there were butterflies on the dish.  Then I saw something I had never noticed before, the dish said, “Home Sweet Home – Believe”.  This dish had been one of mom’s.  God is real.  He is good.  Mom is in heaven.

By the way, I was surprised to see the butterfly was black.  I was expecting a large yellow butterfly with a name like morning cloak.  As it turns out, it’s actually a morning cloak, named for the dark cloaks that are worn by people in mourning.


Wow isn’t God good! He gives us ever so loving reminders in the smallest, neatest of places. Heather found hope in a Taco Bell Cup. Where has God shown his hope to you? Love you all!!


2 responses to “Hope from a Taco Bell Cup

  1. I love God can speak to us through the smallest little things. I guess sometimes it takes us being very low to recognize them. Thank you for sharing that.

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