For the Money or for Love?

The other day I listened to a teaching by John Bevere. It spoke straight to my heart about some of the problems we see in the churches today. He said that there are many preachers preaching more about what Christ has done for us, rather than on who He is. This is not a bad thing in and of itself but in effect what happens is that they are creating disciples that seek God more for what He can do for them, rather than for who He is. Its kind of like a woman marring a man just for his money, not for the love she has for him.

Yes, Christ died for us on the cross,  forgave all our sins, works amazing miracles, heals the sick and broken hearted, and answers our prayers, but He is so much more than that. He is a God who wants to know us and who wants us to know Him intimately. He wants us to know about him, his likes, his dislikes, who he is and more! We are not just everyday acquaintances. We are in a relationship, as a husband is to a wife, with our heavenly Father.

My friends we can’t just love Christ for what he has done for us, although that spurs on a great amount of love, we have to love Him for who He is. Not for the money but for love.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matt. 22:37

“I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.” Proverbs 8:17

Love you all!


17 responses to “For the Money or for Love?

  1. Hi friend! I love reading your posts. And I totally understand this one. I’ve experienced churches like this (especially after moving to Sioux City). Keep blogging! Blessings friend!

  2. Hi Elissa, very True today, some do major on what God can do for them but He longs to do for them, Jesus said you don’t have because you don’t ask, also genuine Miracles, signs and wonders show God’s Love and Power, all good things come from Him.

    With saying all that, it also worries me, that some profess to great Miracles, when it is really deception, lies, Illusion and Tricks, all of the flesh, some times though people want to belong and be accepted so much that a bit of play acting seems to be the only way.

    I like many others have been Miraculously healed, with me it was more then once and again just recently and I have had signs and wonders too, most of these came only by God’s intervention not with my seeking them but they show indeed God’s Love and mercy, because in no way did I deserve them. I don’t put God in a box of my own understanding as some do, I have given Him my life, it is His will I want not my own, He chose to heal me, I thank Him every time I realise I’m no longer dying of heart failure or am I going to be Paraplegic, for no longer having chronic Asthma or breast and skin Cancer, for also saving my life twice even when I was believing we evolved and for showing me when I needed Him most that He cared and was right beside me, but why did He ?

    Because He knew me and Loved me greatly and so I Love Him greatly but not just because of what He has done for me in regard to Miracles etc but these do show He cares as we show those we Love we care but because I can’t stop Loving Him or sharing about Him and thanking Him, because as wicked as I was He rescued me and gave me the free gift of Salvation that cost Him and Jesus greatly. To be separated even if only a short time would have broken their hearts but they chose to sacrifice for me and also the Holy Spirit as part of the Godhead suffered with them too, all so I would be free from the sting of Eternal death which would have meant separation from their Love. protection and provision Eternally and also continual suffering and This they did for everyone in the world even those who would reject their Love.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • I too have been miraculously healed by our Savior. I was almost deaf but overnight, God healed my ears at the age of 8. For we serve a Supernatural God, one who performs miracles and more. But the sad part is, as you said, there are many today who falsely claim miracles and lie about it and do it just for the money. But praise God there are Christians out there doing it right and all the while not loving him for what he does for them, but loving him for who He is!
      And Great response, as they are always filled with such knowledge of the Lord. Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂

  3. Amen hun. I think we’ve in a way ended up forming robotic churches in which people only focus of “serving” but not really understanding that God doesn’t see us as just servants…He wants us to become His friend. We serve an awesome God of relationship. May people come to realize that Jesus seeks true intimacy with each one of us if only we sought Him in the same way. I love your thoughts on this 😀

    Sherline 😀

  4. This is Excellent–my fave preachers/teachers are the ones who remind me that Jesus is the Source, and take it further by specifically stating that when we need “healing, provision, etc”–we should ask for more of HIM; then He becomes our Healer, Provider, Comforter, whatever. Hey–thanks for stopping by Caddo Veil’s! God bless you abundantly today, and always. love, sis Caddo

  5. Just got caught up on my reading… going backwards from most recent. 🙂 Thank you! This is very good! (I try to read as they land in my inbox, but August has been crazy!) And the timing was perfect. I so agree that there is much more than just what God has done, though that it wonderful! It’s like grabbing presents from someone, and expecting them all the time, without developing a relationship with the giver. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Behold I will do a new thing saith the Lord. Indeed a new thing is happening to believers all over the world.

    A deep desire for more of God. Not things from God but the reality of having an intimate relationship with Christ.

    Paul the apostle wrote to the Galatian church in Chapter 4:19. My little children of whom I travail in birth again until CHRIST BE FORMED IN YOU. There is an increasing hunger ..for more.

    There is so much more to Christ-ianity than what so many pastors are even aware of.

    The local church is basically in competition with the other across the street.

    Pastors are more concerned about Titles , Tithes, and Love Offerings than in their personal relationship with God. So, how can they pass on what they themselves don’t have.

    Ps. New to this site and just catching up on who and what’s on here. Thank you for this very inspiring message.

    • “Christ-ianity” I LOVE THAT!! That puts it in such a deeper perspective! And its so sad the state of the church and pastors today. And I’ll have to agree, many are more worried about tithes, titles, offering, and numbers. Oh come Lord Jesus Come!

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