Shinning is our Business!

God has been laying it on my heat these past couple of weeks that we need to be a continual reflection of Him.  No matter where we are. In the grocery store, in a restaurant, at home, at church and other places. We are to let our light shine before the world in such a way see the things that we do and come to praise God because of it.

Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify the father in Heaven.”

You see, we are to be like a lighthouse, illuminated by the light of Christ who dwells in us and who is that light. And what exactly do lighthouses do? Well, they give off light in order to warn near by boats of on-coming dangers including: rock hazardous, reef hazardous, coastline dangers and they help guide ships into a safe harbor.

In a similar way we are to be lighthouses leading people from the dangers of their own sinful ways into a saving relationship in Jesus Christ. We are the light pointing the way to Jesus in a lost and dark world.

Here are four ways we can help direct ships to the harbor…

1- First and foremost we can pray for other people. There are some Christians out there who are so active in ministry that they forget to pray. We need to remember to devote a good part of our lives to regular prayer time. And not only for ourselves, but for other people as well.

2- Secondly we can help those in need.Whenever possible be need to be willing to go out of our way and help people who need it.  Sick persons, the elderly, new mothers, those in prison, the injured, neighbors, widows, orphans, and so many more! We can even help in simplest of ways, and over time, your witness of loving service and helping others will open up doors to share the Gospel. Jesus loved others into the Kingdom! So must we.

3-Third we must share with others verbally.Don’t be afraid to talk about your faith when the opportunity arises. If you are afraid, that is coming from the enemy, the devil. Recognize him and then prevail over him. When you do share, share your personal experiences, your testimony, how God has helped you through difficult situations, anything. Just make sure you are sharing! Don’t let embarrassment or being afraid keep you from sharing your faith. Remember some once shared their faith with you.

4- Lastly, we need to live as an example. As believers we are meant to live a life above reproach. We are a marked people and people are watching what you do. Sadly, however, I have heard many people state that ‘Jane Doe’ did this so it’s okay for me to do it. They justify their actions simply because they saw a believer doing it. If we can be beacons of light shinning forth his love and  grace; then you can  also bet that we can reveal our bad character to other people. Actions done out of a bad character can lead people to have a wrong view of God and unfortunately many have rejected Him because of it. So be careful of the things you do.

Ephesians 5:8 “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light”

A lighthouse may forewarn people of oncoming danger, but it cannot  steer the ship, turn the wheel, or change the mind of the ship captain. All it can do is shine!  It’s simply sends the message, “Don’t come by the rocks! Steer towards the harbor!” It is then up to the captain whether they heed the message or not.

My friends, let’s be shining forth a reflection of Christ, just like the lighthouse. And as a lighthouse, we can’t  command people to worship God, or make people accept Christ, or make them read their bibles or pray. Our role, at best, is to keep letting others know where the harbor is and what channels lead them home.

So this week let’s focus on shinning our lights for Christ because as Christians shinning is our business.

Matthew 5:4 “For you are the Light of the world, a city set on a hill that can’t be hidden.”


14 responses to “Shinning is our Business!

  1. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that we should “shine” – strive to reflect Jesus in all aspects of our lives. He is constantly shaping and molding us into his own image. I loved the lighthouse illustration! 🙂 Love you dear friend.

  2. A very good reminder…seems our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit is bring this message to all believers. Thank you! We are the light of the world… and we don’t want to stick our candle under bed.

  3. Wonderful post on the great privilege of being vessels of the Light of Christ! One more biblical reference to shining, which I love, is Paul’s encouragement to us to “Do everything without complaining or arguing,” so that (among other things)…we will “shine like stars in the universe as (we) hold out the word of life…” (Phil. 3:14-16) Thanks! Judy

  4. Nice reminder. There are many good people in this world, but it is allowing our light to shine that makes us stand out as God people!! I want the the fact that I’m living for Him to be evident in all that I do!

  5. lately i have been having a pity party..just me there..but the last few weeks i have had a desire to write and to pray for others …i have been trying to focus more on Jesus, so i have been watching some of the Jesus movies..and reading the bible more..God blessyou…

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