To Be or Not To Be?

It’s hard to imagine a world without the love of our Lord. A world where people talk about a Savior and talk about a Man who sacrificed his life for the love of his people, yet not much happens beyond that. People receive tracts, letters of information, and great preaching’s on Sunday about this Savior, yet it all seems to be a bunch of words. Many who call themselves His disciples only talk about him, shedding him in the perfect light, yet rarely do onlookers see an act of love so vibrantly displayed by these so called ‘disciples.’ So they feel as if they have lost hope. If this Savoir is just to be one spoken of, what good is that? How can a Savior help someone if he only exists in word…?

Sadly this is the way our world is starting to view our Savior, Jesus. They see billboards with His name on it, fancy programs promoting Him, books and Christian colleges all talking about the Lord. Yet it all seems to stop there. To them they see endless amounts of information, but they don’t see the love of the Lord coming from his so called ‘disciples.’ And they are beginning to lose hope.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You see when Jesus was here, he did nothing but love his people. He helped the poor, the needy, the broken hearted, the orphans, the sick, and so many more. He not only taught them about Himself but he also loved them to Himself and he gave all of himself for us. He was the ‘Living Word’ and his actions lived up to his Name. People saw not only the Word of God preached, but also the Word of God lived out.

In like manner, we as disciples of the most High God, need to not only talk about Jesus, not only preach about Jesus, BUT we need to start BEING Jesus to the world around us. Let me say that again. BE Jesus to the world around you. For it is through that, that God can transform the world. We don’t just have a ‘social gospel.’ We have a living, loving, powerful, and life changing Gospel of which Christians are called to actively carry out. Not just sit back soaking up the knowledge and setting out tracts, although those are good things, BUT we need to be being obedient to the call of Christ and actively do what He has told us to do in His Word.

Now I know we aren’t perfect and we will not carry things out as perfect as Christ did. BUT that is NO excuse not to be Jesus to people. God said that we are the righteousnes of God and he see’s value in us; believe Him for that. And let’s start BEING Jesus to the world!

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.” 1 John 4:7

So will you be or not be like Jesus to the world?

Love you all!


22 responses to “To Be or Not To Be?

  1. Something to think about. In the Book of Revelation there are 7 churches mentioned. Of the 7 there ore only 2, Smyrna and and Philadelphia, that Jesus has no word of correction for. Of those 2, Philadelphia is the only one that Jesus says that He will keep from the hour of testing that is about to come upon the whole world. Philadelphia means, “brotherly love”.

      • That is a comment I made on a dream that I had a little while ago. Here is the dream:

        I had a dream, 05/24/2012, and in the dream, I saw Jesus standing with a winnowing fork in His hand. A winnowing fork is what is used to separate the wheat from the chaff like John the Baptist describes in Matthew 3:12 and Luke 3:17. However, in this case I did not get the sense in the dream that this had to do with final judgment bur rather had to do with who would be taken and who would be left behind. I saw in the dream the rapture occurring and I saw people in two’s as is described in Matthew 24:40-41 where it talks of two men in the field, one taken and one left and two women with a hand-mill, one taken and the other left. In the very next verse Jesus gives a warning that must be heeded by all which is to be watchful because you do not know the day not the hour of the Lord’s return, As I previously stated, I saw people in two’s as the rapture occurred and as the ones being taken began to ascend towards heaven, those being left behind grabbed onto their shoes, I saw tennis shoes on those being taken and am not quite sure of the meaning, because they knew what was happening and that they were being left behind. The last thing that I heard was Luke 21:36 being quoted, ” WATCH THEREFORE AND PRAY ALWAYS THAT YOU MAY BE COUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS THAT WILL COME TO PASS, AND TO STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN.”

      • Wow! What an awesome dream!! I Love that verse in Luke, as it says it perfectly in the NKJV. I often keep that verse as a reminder to be ready… it keeps me on my toes. 🙂

  2. Less of us and more of Him! Great post Elissa and good reminder to all of us that we need to strive to be more like Jesus.
    I am thinking the tennis shoes in the dream where the ones running the race?

  3. It is sadly true that many christians are all talk and no action when it comes to showing the love of the Lord through actions. information is great, but demonstration leaves a lasting impression.
    Awesome stuff. We are so on the same page with this!


    Sherline 😀

  4. Oh, we saw this yesterday. Trying to help, counsel, affirm, a young woman who attends our church, and feeling as if she resented our help, I suddenly found myself at her door, and — miracle — invited in from the rain while she finished readying herself for an outing, when I saw it:

    Every card or letter I have sent her was displayed somewhere in her apartment.

    Apparently I am a bit more than an annoyance in her life.

    I hope.

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