Election 2012…..’For Such a Time as This.’

As you know the election is just around the corner. Tuesday, Nov. 6th, is the day our country will be making one of its most crucial decisions. With that in mind, today’s post is exactly on that…the election. For how can I be silent, ‘at such a time as this.’

You see, God has given us the freedom in America to vote for the president of our  choosing, and given that task by the Lord, Christians are called to vote and will be held accountable for their actions.  I mean think about it, if Christians don’t vote and those who reject God do, then the message that get sent to the government is that we do not want God in our nation. Then laws will be made that reflect a godless society because godless voters, will be the driving force guiding the lawmakers. Christians are God’s voice in the political arena. Therefore, if Christians do not vote for the things in which they believe, then those with godless, secular worldviews will continue to control the direction of our country. What breaks my heart is that there are many Christians who are not yet voting. You see, if we offer no opposition or resistance then what we are doing is agreeing with the majority, whatever it may be… good or bad.  If you want evil to prevail, then sit back this election year and do nothing. Because evil thrives when the good people of the world do nothing. This should not be so!

Now, not only do we need to vote, but we need to prayerfully consider the candidates and educate ourselves about them. As Christians we are called to be responsible with the task that God has entrusted to us, voting being one of them, and if God is against things such as abortion and homosexuality then shouldn’t we as Christians be against them also? If we simply choose a candidate based off his policies alone and ignore the  fact that he is slaughtering millions of babies, then are we really standing with the Lord? If a candidate openly supports homosexuality and we endorse him, then are we being God’s voice?

Sure all the candidates have their downsides, faults, and neither really fit the bill of a ‘Christian’ candidate, but as believers we are to choose the best option of the choices given. If all of the candidates are bad, yet one is against abortion; then choose the most moral option. Go with the candidate that this not trying to remove Biblical principles. For example, if you elect a president who sees nothing wrong with same-sex marriage, then they will vote against any law that seeks to uphold the Biblical traditional view of marriage between a man and a woman. That would lead to a moral breakdown of society as we know it.

We need to be salt and light (Matt.5:13), which means we are influencing in our society, and voting is one way the Lord has allowed us to exercise that responsibility. Please get out there and vote this Friday and prayerfully consider the candidate of your choosing. For how can we be silent, ‘at such a time as this.’

Love you all!

Click here for a helpful link that will show you where the candidates stand on certain Biblical issues.

Also if you would like to read up on the Arizona propositions please click here.


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