Thinking Back…

Our world seems to be getting morally worse with each passing day. Tv, media, radio, books, and internet are all inundated with sin filled content. I mean, it wasn’t long ago that our president, Barack Obama, labeled America as a nation of ‘ideas’ rather than a nation founded on Godly principles.

But think back with me a few hundred years, to a time when prayer and Bible reading was a part of our everyday school systems. When teachers would lead their students in a word of prayer to our Savior. When the Bible was used as a primary textbook for not only reading, but character and moral training as well. To when the main concerns of parents were talking in class, and gum chewing, instead of teen suicide, drug abuse, or school shootings. Oh how I wish we could go back. Go back to a time before prayer and Bible reading were ripped from our schools…

Since prayer was removed in 1962 violence has been on the rise. Although, other events have impacted our school children, such as the increasing levels of violence and sex on television and the media; the banning of prayer is one of the most significant events affecting Americans. But again don’t take my word for it…

According to Wikipedia the top offences in Schools prior to prayer being removed were: Talking, Gum Chewing, Making Noise, Running in the Halls, Cutting in Line, Dress Code Violations, and Littering.

After prayer was removed: Rape; Robbery; Assault; Burglary; Arson; Bombings; Murder; Suicide; Absenteeism; Vandalism; Extortion; Drug abuse; Alcohol abuse; Gang warfare; Pregnancies; Abortions; Venereal disease. (None of the previous top seven made the list!!)

You see, God brought peace, love, joy, happiness, gentleness, goodness, amongst many other good qualities, to our society. But once America had taken God out of the picture, these characteristics slowly faded. Not that they do not exist, just that they are few and far between.

Let’s assume you are a bit of a skeptic, possibly an atheist. You could say this, “Well, of course it was better with God in society because people believed they had to answer to someone for their actions. However in reality it just kept them a moral person.” Let’s assume that were true. If so where did the moral come from? We are not naturally good people, as the Bible states. That’s a fact we are all well aware of. It’s so much easier to be a bad person because of our sin nature, and anyone who is anyone can not deny that fact. So with that said, God is the only god that brings life, love, and these qualities to us.

“Everything good and perfect is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17 NIV

Christ’s reality is written all over the very wallpaper of what made our country great. We can not deny that God is a part of our very foundation. But most importantly we need to remember that regardless of what lies in our past or our future; we need to continually look to God for all our needs, for he is the ultimate comforter. . .

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation..” 2 Cor. 1:3

Lets give thanks to the Lord this Thanksgiving for his comfort during our times of tribulation here in America.

Love you all!


8 responses to “Thinking Back…

  1. What a great message and you are so on target with this. When we turned from the ways of Christ, we left the door open to the enemy. We readi in the book of Daniel where he saw a vision of what was to come in ending times. He wrote of a time when, “truth was thrown to the ground’. How true is that for today? We are living in a time when evil is now called good. Daniel was given a vision by God to see into this future time. He was told not to say what he saw for it was for a later time. Daniel was so shocked by his vision that he took to his bed. I believe he saw the times we are in now. It is so sad that we have become a self-serving nation rather than a nation that serves God. That is the reason that we now face such darkness.

  2. When the gay marriage bill passed in New York, I saw a vision of the statue of liberty floating upside down in New York Harbor. Then the Lord dropped the following scripture into my heart
    2 Peter 2:19 NKJV

    19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage.

    I have also seen, in a vision , since that time a black fog of darkness rolling across the country starting at the east coast and blanketing the entire nation. This darkness will stay and get even darker until the Lord’s people begin to cry out to Him in a sustained cry. I also saw in this darkness thousands upon thousands of beams of light piercing the darkness . These were the prayers of the saints crying out to God. We need to pray and repent like never before.

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