Indoctrination Here! Common Core Standards: The UN Has Penetrated America’s Public School System (Supporting Videos!)

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apple-core-xThe New World Order and UN Agenda 21 sustainable Development agenda has penetrated America’s public school system. This is a extreme leftist ideology. They are developing a global matrix for tracking a child from cradle to grave.

If you haven’t  been following the latest developments around the Common Core State Standards, it is high time that you should.   The New World order will undoubtedly impact the developmental education system as we know it.

Two Moms Against Common Core:

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of high quality academic expectations in English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics

They deliberately leave History out of this curriculum. Why would they not teach history to our children?  If they teach history to our children as we were taught when we were in school, it would legitimize the constitution and teach our children why America should never give up its sovereignty.  The UN and their agenda 21 program is out to end America’s sovereignty so they can implement their New World Order, One World Government and One World Currency.

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9 responses to “Indoctrination Here! Common Core Standards: The UN Has Penetrated America’s Public School System (Supporting Videos!)

  1. I’m not disagreeing with you – this sounds scary! But I just want to make a comment. When I was in High School, my history teacher gave us three different history TEXT books. We looked up the same event, and found three different versions. Really. History is always being altered in the retelling to do what…defend values or decisions, promote agendas, save face? I don’t know. My vote is for truth, as much without human bias or distortion as possible. One on one, since we can’t legislate that! Blessings!!

  2. Elissa, I had a dream, 04/01/2012, and in this dream, heard the words, “new world order“, being spoken. I then saw many leaders from many nations laying their swords down on a table where a man was seated dressed like a Roman General from the time of the Cesar’s . As each leader, representing their individual nations, laid his sword down, they gave up the right to defend themselves, their individual sovereignty as a nation, and their individuality as citizens of that nation each, including the nation he represented, would now be citizens of the new world order. As each leader laid his sword down, the man seated at the table would write it down in a book. I remember asking the Lord how long before these things come to pass and He said soon.

  3. I taught this very subject in adult Sunday School more than 20 years ago. I saw it coming and begged parents to join me in protesting the changes we were seeing back then. No one believed me.

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