God, Our Strength

GOD STRENGHTMy flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart & my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

What a rejuvenating Scripture! Our flesh and heart my fail, but God gives us the strength to get through things; he is our source of energy.

Have you ever felt as if life is too hard to bear? That everything seems to be crashing in on you? I have, and I’m sure some of you may be feeling that right now. Well, I want to encourage you to have hope, to be encouraged, and when you find that life seems unbearable, allow God to be your strength, your pleasant aid in times of need….

“David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength in the Lord his God.” 1 Samuel 30:6

Even King David found his strength in the Lord. He didn’t seek it from external sources such as, himself, others, or items; like many of us tend to do, rather he sought from the Lord. Like David, we too should be seeking the Lords strength during difficult situations. We shouldn’t seek strength from external things, for these things eventually run us dry and in the end lose their effectiveness. If truth be told, any strength outside of God is temporary and cannot be depended upon. You may find strength for a while through determination and will power, but eventually, our efforts will fail.

There are other times when we search for strength in all the wrong places and then sheepishly come back to God. There is no need to circumvent Christ. You can’t improve on Jesus. You simply must, fall at His feet, and He will pick you up and fill you with more of His love.

When you feel you have had enough and just can’t take anymore, let God take over. Personally, he has done this for me many times and I know from experience he can do the same for you–if you allow Him, if you are a child of God. He will lift you up and give you the strength to prevail. God wants you to empty your heart before Him, tell him your troubles, worries, and desires; allow Him to fill you with His strength.

“But those who wait on the Lord, Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

God doesn’t give us an instant quick fix to our lives situations, no, sometimes he makes us do a lot of waiting. But in the end it makes us better and more like Him. But as we wait, he promises to renew our strength. Trust him for it!!

Love you all!


19 responses to “God, Our Strength

  1. What a wonderful message of hope! You simply cannot improve on Christ! He is all that we need and more. He understands our pain and our struggle. Most importantly, he knows our tomorrow and he has planned a future for those who belong to him. What more can we ask?

  2. Hello my sister!

    I indeed feel the anointing through your writing!

    Do tell the Lord thank you for it is He who has begun a good work in us and it is He who will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

    God bless my sister!


  3. An excellent reminder of who we are and where our strength lies. Thank you and many blessings.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and I am delighted to receive your blessings!


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