Proof of Islamization and Terrorist Training Camps in America

The Islamic religion is the world’s fastest growing religion. Currently this religion makes up 1% of the United States population, however, what happens when they get to 10-20%? You’ll want to watch this 8 minute video to find out…


As of 2013, there are 1,764 Islamic centers in the US! It is said that 400-500 of these centers teach radical Islam—teaching that America in the enemy. (Reported by David Gaubatz, director of counterintelligence and counterterrorism for the Society of Americans for National Existence and former senior U.S. intelligence official) The states with the most Islamic centers are Texas, Florida, California, Michigan, New York, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, and Georgia.

In addition there is evidence of over 35 terrorist camps on US soil, in which they preach violence against all who are not Islamic and promote Sharia Law. These Radical Islamic terrorist training camps may exist in a city near you. Watch this video to find out…

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14 responses to “Proof of Islamization and Terrorist Training Camps in America

    • Amen to that!! I am praying that with you!! And Not all Muslims are radical, many are peaceful, but in the end they are misled. They need Jesus, and we can lovingly bring them to Christ.

  1. Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:
    Sharia law must be stopped. Islam is not a religion of peace. Lucifer and Allah are one and the same. Jesus Christ is the Son of Jehovah. The Muslim faith denies the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and therefore emanates from Satan.

  2. Elissa, were you aware that the Lord has been appearing to many Muslims in both dreams and visions telling them to believe on Him?

  3. I do not understand why our nation is allowing these training camps. Muslims are our sworn enemy….they are so ignorant they believe if they kill an infidel they will be greatly rewarded in heaven. They are a couple of century’s behind the rest of the world.
    They are not interested in the Gospel…..they have been taught from birth…..screamed at regularly about the infidel. Do not be naive about this bunch of peoples…..they are bad news and we all better wake up to this fact!

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