Note From RealityOfChrist: I am Christian and I HIGHLY opposed Obamacare! Does that make me a phony Christian like MSNBC host Ed Shultz believers? HECK NO! That makes me a Christians who understands truth and sees the government control behind Obamacare! Many of you see that as well. As of yet, we have the best healthcare system in the world. When Obamacare becomes instituted, we can kiss our number one rated healthcare system goodbye. And in my opinion many more people will die due to the ‘death panels’ under Obamacare, as well as the limited healthcare provisions to the elderly and young. It’s just sick!

These people are so brainwashed! And you’ll want to click on the link below and watch the video. In it, Ed blasphemes God with his fake imitation prayer of Christians. It will make your stomach turn.

The truth is opposing Obamacare saves lives! Not the other way around as Ed claims!

SOURCE – The Blaze


MSNBC host Ed Schultz unleashed Saturday on Christians who oppose President Obama’s landmark healthcare law, branding them as “phony Christians” and saying the repeal of the law would certainly result in the death of innocent children.

Schultz, who hosts ‘The Ed Show” on weekends, said the new healthcare law “is the most moral thing this country has ever done” and hammered those who disagree.

“This is good for America and I won’t let them lie,” Schultz said. “They’re phony Christians. Phony Christians when they say that they are Christian but then they want to take away from their next door neighbor. They don’t want to be their brother’s keeper.”

“A growing number of right wing Christians are coming out day after day as a Christian,” he continued. “I think I have the right to expose their hypocrisy and call them out for all the things they are saying wrong and how misguided they are.”

The liberal host then said “it is a fact” that innocent Americans will die if the law is repealed.

“It is very simple. If ObamaCare is repealed, Americans will die. Children of God will die,” he said.

Schultz, who says he is a born again Christian, made the comments during a segment where he asked if the “Christian conservative campaign against Obamacare is dangerous for America.”

Watch the clip, courtesy of MSNBC:


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  1. Jesus called on us to help others… He didn’t go to Rome and ask for Caesar to pass government programs to help the poor. Many of these government programs don’t work, but they alleviate the guilt of those who support them. It’s no wonder they’re not bothered to care whether a program works or not. It’s the “thought that counts.”

  2. Ed is a Christian just like Obama is a Christian. There is no such thing as Communist Christianity. I guess Ed needed to get some negative feedback to get any viewing audience. Ed is a joke and so is MSNBC. You get more honesty at a liars convention than you would get from this guy.

  3. I’m praying hard , I am scared what may happen when Obama care starts enforcing public school, home invasions, hope those are just rumor & not actually part of Obama care.

    • To me, it sounds possible that they may be able to do it. Here is what it states in the Obamacare bill….

      “The purpose of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Competitive Grant program is to award Development Grants to States that currently have modest home visiting programs and want to build on existing efforts. Successful applicants will sufficiently demonstrate the capacity to expand or enhance their evidence-based home visiting programs. The funding provided will build on the formula funding already provided to States and territories to support the quality implementation of home visiting programs. Additionally, this funding opportunity will continue the program’s emphasis on rigorous research by grounding the proposed work in relevant empirical literature, and by including requirements to evaluate work proposed under this grant. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2012, approximately $12,000,000 will be available to support competitive Development Grants to eligible States and jurisdictions under the MIECHV program. $125,000,000 will be awarded on a formula basis to grantees funded under HRSA-11-187 for the MIECHV program. Successful applicants will be awarded FY 2012 competitive Development Grant funds, in addition to the FY2012 MIECHV formula based funds. Priority for Serving High-Risk Populations and Programmatic Areas of Emphasis As directed in the legislation , successful applicants will give priority to providing services to the following populations: a) Eligible families who reside in communities in need of such services, as identified in the statewide needs assessment required under subsection (b)(1)(A). b) Low-income eligible families. c) Eligible families who are pregnant women who have not attained age 21. d) Eligible families that have a history of child abuse or neglect or have had interactions with child welfare services. e) Eligible families that have a history of substance abuse or need substance abuse treatment. f) Eligible families that have users of tobacco products in the home. g) Eligible families that are or have children with low student achievement. h) Eligible families with children with developmental delays or disabilities. i) Eligible families who, or that include individuals who, are serving or formerly served in the Armed Forces, including such families that have members of the Armed Forces who have had multiple deployments outside of the United States.” In addition, the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) have identified the following programmatic areas of emphasis. Applicants may propose to address one or more of these areas in response to this funding opportunity announcement: o Emphasis 1: Improvements in maternal, child, and family health o Emphasis 2: Effective implementation and expansion of evidence-based home visiting programs or systems with fidelity to the evidence-based model selected o Emphasis 3: Development of statewide or multi-State home visiting programs o Emphasis 4: Development of comprehensive early childhood systems that span the prenatal-through-age-eight continuum o Emphasis 5: Outreach to high-risk and hard-to-engage populations o Emphasis 6: Development of a family-centered approach to home visiting o Emphasis 7: Outreach to families in rural or frontier areas o Emphasis 8: The development of fiscal leveraging strategies to enhance program sustainability For a more detailed description of each area of emphasis, please see Appendix A: MIECHV Programmatic Emphasis Areas.”

      Basically they are awarding grants to states that currently have home visiting programs in place. They are encouraging them–with money–to invade more!! Now it doesn’t specify if this is something you have to sign up for or not? So I’m not 100% sure if they can do this without permission. However, now you have me intrigued, because I have not yet heard of this, until now! (Keep you posted) Check out this video.

      The bad news is, there are other bills that have been passed that do allow for invasion of your home; if they suspect you’re a terrorist. The crazy part is, their definition of terrorist is so broad, that anyone could be one! But they tend to put targets on Christians. Check it out here…. http://realityofchrist.me/2013/05/01/videos-christians-are-terrorists-says-homeland-security-department-of-defense-and-the-us-military-academy-a-must-see/

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