Miracles Are From God. Including a Video of an Ohio Man Coming Back to Life After Being Dead for 45 Minutes

MIRACLEsXAre miracles for today or are they only for those living in Jesus’ time? This seems to be the question looming around the generation of believers today and sadly, many well-known Biblical authors are now claiming that miracles and the supernatural are a thing of the past. But today I am here to tell you that miracles and the supernatural both exist and are for our generation and many generations to come.

Many of you may not know this about me, but God performed a miracle in my life. When I was just eight years old the doctor informed me that I was going deaf and would eventually lose my hearing. My mother and father knew God had other plans for me, so later that week they decided to bring me to church for prayer. Upon arrival, the members of the church laid hands on me and prayed over me. That night while I slept, my ears were miraculously healed! The doctors themselves could not believe it. God had done a miracle in my life.

So again, I declare, miracles are for today and not only miracles, but the supernatural workings of our Lord as well.

So my next question is, why then do we rarely see them, if at all? Where have all the supernatural workings gone? And the answer to that question simply is this… We tend to pawn miracles off as some sort of ‘mere coincidence.’ You see, we have chosen to believe our own eyes and ears instead of focusing on God’s Word. For example, if you have never seen a miracle (ears growing back, a lame man walking or the blind seeing, etc.), we often convince ourselves that God no longer performs them. So, because we have not ‘physically’ seen them, they must not be real. Even though there are countless examples of miracles in the Bible. Do you see the thought process behind that statement? Other times, as I have done, we take what can only be a miracle of God and pawn it off on science or just the possibility of mere chance. We have been so brainwashed to believe in a non-supernatural God that we take miracles for granted when they do happen and we don’t give God the credit he deserves. I believe Beth Moore said it best when she said, “We believe little, because we see little; we see little, because we believe little.”

The real problem, however, is the unbelief of this generation, not that God no longer performs miracles. God still reserves the right to respond most readily to faith and it is this faith that we are lacking. We need to start believing in God and find the faith that God so longs for us to have. Faith is the foundation of our life, the very source where we get our strength and it requires belief in God. Faith and believing God go hand-in-hand. We must walk by faith, not by sight, and stop our doubting.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 NKJV

With this in mind I want to leave you with one last perspective to strengthen your faith in our Savior and His mighty words…

“A persons faith will be strongest in the area in which they have the greatest revealed knowledge from God. However, on the opposite end, your faith will be weakest where you lack revelation or have little of it.”

Lets believe God for all that he says in his Written Word and for what he says he can do.

Check out this video on an Ohio man who comes back to life after being dead for 45 minutes. 

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21 responses to “Miracles Are From God. Including a Video of an Ohio Man Coming Back to Life After Being Dead for 45 Minutes

  1. didn’t see any link deal to click on for the story about the man who died. clicked on the link below your post – vineoflife deal – but couldn’t find the story. but then, not sure what I’m looking for! if don’t see easily – give up! anyway – in case you forgot to put the link – thought mention. God bless, love, ant

  2. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. So we must ask ourselves whose word are we going to believe. Faith and doubt remind me of the story of the guy who had 2 dogs. One was a German a Shepard and the other was Doberman. He was asked which dog would win if they were to fight. He replied, the one I feed more. And so it is with faith and doubt.

  3. Great post and blog! I’m glad I ran across it today. And amen on the miraculous. You make so many good points here. I have personally seen hundreds of people get healed all kinds of incurable diseases, accidents, etc. Just last week someone was run over by a tractor twice and was totally healed. He was up and around the next day like nothing happened. Coincidences? Yeah, whatever…This should be “normal” for believers. Btw, there’s a documentary movie called “DEADRAISER” that’s being released that you might be interested in. It documents people being raised from the dead, etc. I can pass along the link if you haven’t seen it.

  4. It really is sad when people who call themselves christians don’t believe in miracles. I truly do believe in miracles I believe everything in the Word of God. I thank God for His healing power. This is why many saints don’t see the manifestation of the Holy Spirit pouring out because they lack faith.

    Last year the Lord healed me from Colon Cancer not once did I have to take medicine. Jesus had to leave His own town because the people had lack of faith. In times like these we better have faith so many things are happening and Jesus said that signs and wonders will follow the believers.

    For a child of God one should never have to ask are miracles still for today, I have found out that when people ask those questions it’s because they don’t trust God’s Word.

    I just don’t know how people make it without believing in God and all that He does. I pray that their faith grows. Have a blessed day

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