Elementary Students Taught That Government Is ‘Your Family’

Let me say this loud and clear, The Government Is NOT Our Family and this lesson I will continue to teach my kids and their kids after them.

If government is so much like family then why do they give us infested vaccinespollute our water and foodbrainwash the masses, and create mammoth spy programs? Why don’t they teach that to our children? Expose them for who they really are: Depopulation agents who are on a serious power trip!

This video will make your blood boil, especially if you have children or grandchildren in the public schools….

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30 responses to “Elementary Students Taught That Government Is ‘Your Family’

  1. Wow! Amazing bit of junk, huh? Along with this – it always use to galled me that teachers acted like my children were really theirs. I was just the ignorant servant who feed their child and put them to bed. Some teachers have the strangest ideas, for sure!

    • I hear ya!!!!!!! It just sickens me to think that some believe that misconception. Children do not belong to the collective. They are their parents children until they move out of the house.

  2. Orwell’s Big Brother? This burns me to no end, unfortunately this is another sign of the end times. I am praying for my lost loved ones hoping they walk with the Lord before it gets any worse. Reblogging.

  3. I have never regretted home schooling my children! It was a challenge, but well worth it! Unfortunately, my children are not in a position to homeschool their children, but they are very active in their education and very aware of what is being taught. Awareness and participation are key!

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