Do You Seek to Fulfill the Ministry of the Call of God in Your Life, or Do You…?

PATHS WEFaced with a choice?  One path promises riches, accomplishments, and from the worlds eye view, you’re doing rather well for yourself. The other path offers a depressing financial reward yet it impacts the lives of people significantly for the Lord. This seems to be a choice many Christians in the ministry are making these days. They are faced with an immense decision and they are left with the lingering thought, “Do I seek to fulfill the ministry of the call of God in my life, or do I…? “

When we are faced with such a foundational choice we must remember that it’s not about a financial gain or a list of a million accomplishments. It’s about what’s best for the betterment of others for Christ. Take the disciple Matthew, for example, he was a first-class tax collector who was financially stable, yet he chose to leave that behind for the life of begging servant. Rather than seek the riches of the world, he engaged himself in the ministry with Jesus. But if truth be told, he was never fulfilled with his high-paying job, it never brought him satisfaction, but being with Jesus, that fulfilled the longing ach of his heart.

Does that mean you should quit your job and move into full time ministry? No, not unless God is calling or telling you to do that. And while God calls some of us into full time ministry, it is not meant for everyone.

Maybe you are one of those who God has called into the ministry, maybe God has been working on your heart for years, but you’re afraid to take the leap. Maybe the devil has been whispering in your ear that this path is not rewarding. Well let me ask you this, if Matthew, the tax collector, remained a tax collect would he have been known as a prominent disciple of Christ? No! We would not know his name, what he did, or anything about him. If he hadn’t listened to the call of the ministry of God on his life he would have maintained riches in his day, but not maintained treasures in the kingdom of Christ. But because he chose to leave the life of material riches behind his name went down in history as a extraordinary disciple of Christ, and today he is still impacting lives for the Lord through the Word of God.

One thing we must remember when making choices is that when we allow our flesh to govern our mind, we usually end up with fleshly choices, but when we allow our Spirit to govern our mind we are left with peace and fulfillment. Romans 8:6 says it best, “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”

My encouragement for you today is to let your mind be governed by your Spirit. Allow the Spirit to lead you in His plans and choices for your life. Ultimately, God has nothing but good intentions for you, for He states in Jeremiah 29:11“”I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to proper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.”” We must put our faith in God when forming foundational choices. Evaluate your life from an eternal perspective like Matthew did, then chose the path that the Spirit guides you to, one in which you see the utmost Spiritual fulfillment, and when you are left with the lingering question, “Do I seek to fulfill the ministry of the call of God in my life, or do I…?” you’ll know exactly who to seek.  

Love you all!


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