Why did God Require Unblemished Sacrifices when He Created Blemished and Unblemished Alike?

SACHave you ever wondered why the condition of a sacrifice mattered to God?  I mean think about it. In the Old Testament the Israelites were required to present an unblemished sacrifice to God in order to receive atonement for their sins. Why did the animal have to be “unblemished” if God created them all; blemish and unblemished alike?

“You place defiled food on My altar. But you ask, `How have we defiled You?’ By saying that the Lord’s table is contemptible. When you bring blind animals for sacrifice, is that not wrong? When you sacrifice crippled or diseased animals, is that not wrong?” Malachi 1:7-8

“You shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God an ox or a sheep in which is a blemish, any defect whatever, for that is an abomination to the Lord your God.” Deut. 17:1

God did not require ‘unblemished’ sacrifices because He himself though one animal was better than the other. After all He created them each one unique, each one different; some with flaws, some with perfections. God wasn’t looking for the best of the best in his creation because in His eyes, he loved all his creation.

The reason God required a flawless sacrifice was simply because of the value we place on flawlessness. As humans with a sin nature, we tend to value one animal higher than another. If an animal is blind we see no use in it. However if the animal is healthy, he is useful. God, knowing our nature, understood that when we present imperfect sacrifices to him we are demonstrating the insincerity of our hearts. If we truly don’t value what we are offering God, then we are merely doing what is convenient for ourselves and giving God our leftovers, which he despises.   

Thankfully animal sacrifices are no longer required because God sacrificed His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, as the ultimate perfect, sinless, unblemished sacrifice.  In doing this God demonstrated His sincere love for us because he sacrificed his very best to save us. God lived by the same rule he required his people to follow.

We may not have to perform animal sacrifices today, however we are required to yield our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him. Romans 12:1 infers, “offer your body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, for this is your true and proper worship.” If giving imperfect sacrifices in the Old Testament displayed the insincerity of their hearts, how much more does it uncover the insincerity of our heart when we give God our leftovers. Our leftover time, leftover money, leftover love. In effect we are offering God nothing but our blemished sacrifices.

Be the living sacrifice that He desires and knows you can be, after all God presented us with His very best, shouldn’t we follow his example?

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6 responses to “Why did God Require Unblemished Sacrifices when He Created Blemished and Unblemished Alike?

  1. Because it’s a shadow of what we are to do before we present ourselves as living sacrifices… get rid of the blemishes by following His Torah, His instructions…. abiding in His love.

    On the natural side, the “sons of YAH” (the watchers, aliens, fallen beings that were like the angels) that came and married the daughters of men before the flood and also after that, also messed with the DNA of animals (the Book of Enoch sheds light on this). Blemishes come, not because He created them that way, but because He allows it so that His people can practice the shadow of His law, and if they do it by faith, they would “get it” and would be able to tell apart the truth and the lie mixed with truth (knowledge of good and evil). They would understand the principle of the Spirit of the law which the shadow portrayed. A personal picture of digging for the real truth and perfect truth among a plethora of religious thoughts which are mingled with the traditions of men (which break His commands).

    For instance, here has been the biggest lie mingled with truth that has caused the great apostasy happening now… that the Law of YAH has been done away with, canceled, or voided out. That is far from the truth.

  2. Just got done doing a Beth Moore study about the old testament. It was called ‘A Woman’s Heart’. Have you heard of it or maybe done it yourself? We learned all about the temple, each part of it right down to how each piece was to be made under God’s and Moses’ strict instruction. It was so interesting and humbling to learn all about it b/c I’ve never really studied the old testament before. But, in order to understand the new testament, we have to learn about the old. (o:

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