Truth Over Facts


truth (1)I have been thinking alot lately about faith and its true meaning. When I think about Abraham, who in his old age, was told by God that he would have a child. Something struck me.

I can imagine that Abraham had wrinkles, was weak, and all things in this physical world were telling him that he was just ‘far to old’ to have a child. Sarah is another story. She too, was old, weak, and well beyond her child-bearing years…likely to have passed her menopausal years. Which could have accounted for her laughter when the angels told her husband they would soon be birthing a child. All the physically aspects of the natural world were telling them that, ‘this is just not possible.’ Yet, Abraham in his faith believed and the Lord credited it to him as righteousness. And with this one-act of faith, Sarah and Abraham, birthed a child.

You see, they chose to believe TRUTH, rather than the facts staring them in the face. Abraham believed in something he couldn’t mentally wrap his mind around. Yet he chose to believe in an unseen event, even though the facts shouted otherwise. What an act of faith!

This got me thinking even more. What exactly is faith? Well, the Bible gives us that definition. Hebrews 11:1“Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” Basically its believing in the impossible, believing in unforeseen things. But lets take it a step further. Why does faith even exist? Did God have a reason for giving it to us? And the answer is by far, yes!! You see, the very definition of faith means that there must be more beyond just the natural world. If life was only about what we hear, see, taste, touch, and smell then what is the point to having faith? There wouldn’t be. But, yet, God told us to have faith. He is telling us that this world is not just about the physical, but there is also a spiritual realm and he can do great things, great works, and impossible things through it. We are not only to believe in the natural world but are to have faith and believe in the impossible workings of our Lord. Let’s, like Abraham, believed in Truth rather than the facts of our natural world!


Matthew 19:26“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


Love you all!!

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