US, China, Russia, FEMA, and the ENDGAME!

What is our Government up too? Just this past week soldiers from the mass-murdering communist party regime China, arrived on US soil to initiate “disaster relief” drills with our US troops and supposedly for “humanitarian” purposes. What I don’t understand is why would the United States of America allow the country it accused of major cyberattacks on its weapons systems just a few months ago to practice disaster relief on OUR soil? It doesn’t add up!

Add to that the fact that FEMA was also involved in the joint drills, therefore making it all the more suspicious.

The group was alleged to have practiced weapon demonstrations, technique exchanges, rescue missions, and refugee camp how-to’s. There were over 50 American soldiers involved and other US civilians. The “exercise”, if you want to call it that, took place in Hawaii. >>CLICK HERE TO READ MORE! 


8 responses to “US, China, Russia, FEMA, and the ENDGAME!

  1. Thank-you Lisa for your faithfulness for the cause of Christ. I was reading your article concerning the reason Russia, China and FEMA are conspiring. No one knows for sure and it is mind boggling. First consider who they are ….. they are enemies of the state and FEMA is commissioned with subjecting America to the NWO. Being that our own military can not be trusted to pursue this in the manner they foresee they’re relying on those who will not have any hesitation to carry out hostile actions towards Americans ….. thus the reason for foreign troops. My nagging question is ‘why’ the Russians and Chinese when Cuban troops or Mexican troops or troops from any other country can do the same job. Without going into a long drawn out detail I think the reason of ‘why’ it is Russia and China is that both have their own interests at stake here. Obama is Russia’s ‘plant’. Eventho Russia isn’t communist today, it was the Soviet communist 20+ years ago that predicted America would have a black President and his name is Obama …….. they knew back then. China …… well thriugh sheer debt America is China’s real estate/collateral. On top of this a number of years ago I read an article of how America out right stole China’s gold …… just maybe their coming to force us to make good on what was stolen ……. don’t know, just thinking out loud. I say all this Lisa to say this ……. there is one consolation that we the people of this Republic have ……… and that is ‘we the people’ of this nation are the most heavily armed populace in the world …….. 100,000,000+ armed. Any army of the world would not subject itself to such odds. Hitler in his assault all across Europe did not enter Switzerland because Swiss law dictates every home to be armed. Heirohito (sp) of Japan said back during WW2 that America can never be conquered because there is a gun behind every blade of grass. If great leaders of the past feared us …….. rest assured our own gov. fears us.

    • Those are some great insights!! And I’m with you! I wish they would dictate a law like that here in America, making every home armed. Crime would go down immensely! And I never thought about the “Why” Russian and China part. Makes sense!!

  2. I had a dream 04/08/2013 where I saw the flag of China spread out like a table cloth and it was being spread over the United States so that it completely covered the continental 48 states. I also heard silk worm missiles being mentioned in the dream although I did not see any. These, from what I know, are Chinese Missiles

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