Trouble Coming! The TPP Is Revelation 13 on Steroids! Internet Access Going Biometric

TPPImage a place where your internet provider becomes your copy-write police. A place where your computer requires your fingerprint for log-in and where internet information is restricted and limited. A place where generic drugs have been stripped from the market place and where doctors can be sued for copying the same surgical practice as another doctor,  and God forbid you get sick and need a surgery, because you’ll have to fly to “Tim-Buck-Too” to get well because only one doctor will be allowed to perform that surgery!

This will be the New America when the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) agreement becomes law. This document has been in process for three years and negotiations have been underway between the Us, Canada, Austrailia, New Zeland, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, and Brunei (Philippines, Thailand, and Colombia will join later).

The information I listed above only scratches the surface of what the TPP will do. This video gets into much more detail….



9 responses to “Trouble Coming! The TPP Is Revelation 13 on Steroids! Internet Access Going Biometric

  1. WOW Lisa! This post makes me think that I was dead on when I termed the US as the land of debris, and the home of the scathed! I’ll now add Canada to that.!

    I Wish I were wrong, just wish I were wrong…

    Truly its God have mercy on us your children and save us from…

    I have been talking about chemtrails and the obvious fact that our Canadian Government has to know all about it, and so why don’t they do something, like shoot those jets down ? Spraying anything over a foreign nation Is an act of war! This TPP is just another PROOF of these things and we the people are B-L-I-N-D

    Did you ever wonder why the big name preachers and Prophets are silent about the serious plight of the world? I often have, my first clue is that they have no clue, and that God is N-O-T speaking to them

    May He bless you and your family Lisa

    • Its sickening that our pastors are remaining silent! I just don’t know why they don’t inform the people. Imagine if they did, there would be an awakening like none before. And a revival! Wouldn’t that be awesome!

      • Sure that would be very awesome Lisa and maybe exactly what the Lord desires! My dear sister I can wholeheartedly, and brokenheartedly tell you that they HAVE NO IDEA !!!!!!!!! They never look up, and they do not watch and pray, or ask for wisdom and understanding..I highly doubt that there are more than a small handful of men and women who call themselves “Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet, Apostle..etc.etc, who are even in fact saved 😦 😦 that is sickening, that is sad.

  2. You are misinformed about Pope Benedict.He indeed was a member of Hitler’s youth as all Youth had to be..but…he left it AWOL under pain of death if he was captured.

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