Pat Robertson Backs Evolution and Attacks Creationism labels it a “Joke”! Outrage!!

I don’t know about you but I am heartbroken! Pat Robertson is the face of “Christianity” to many non-believers in this world. To on-lookers we are wishy-washy. Lord be with us as godlessness abounds.

Click Image To Read More and Here Pat Robinson Admit it for Himself. 



20 responses to “Pat Robertson Backs Evolution and Attacks Creationism labels it a “Joke”! Outrage!!

  1. Seems everyday some renown Christian (?) leader throws our Lord Jesus and Almighty God off into the world’s heap of raging sinfulness. I believe we are seeing the “great falling away”. The Word of God is the only TRUTH! If a person speaks something and it doesn’t match up to the Word (test the spirits)… it is false and dangerous to the followers of those “people”.
    Bless you for standing on the Word and spreading the news so that Christians (or those convinced they are) get their relationship with God in order.

  2. This is what happens when the tares grow up. No one can tell the difference until they are fully mature then they separate themselves from the wheat. Unfortunately, Robertson is showing what’s inside the heart. One cannot talk this way, unless it dwells within.

  3. Wow. So sorry to see this. There was a time when Mr. Robertson was a great help to us. How sad. I did notice on the video that he seems to have slipped in his mental abilities. Calling the 1800’s the middle ages? Of course, when the weaknesses of old age come over us, it is most important to have the truth firmly ensconced inside, so that is what will come out. Any one can make the mistake Mr. Roberson has made, here. All it takes is a wishy-washy faith that has skeletons of unbelief hidden away. In our frailty, we will tell all.

  4. I have only seen Pat Robertson once or twice, he always seems to me that he has been the one to lead others the wrong path. He is no Billy Graham that is for sure.

  5. I am glad he stated something that made sense. He basically is saying, he doesn’t deny all of the factual data and information that is supported by every scientific discipline. He is saying it doesn’t shake his faith and in a sense is saying god works in mysterious ways. He does not have to deny reality to keep his faith. I admire this statement.

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