Real Sounds From HELL Recorded by Geologists & A Man Who Died, Went To Hell, & Lived to Talk About It…

A geological group from Siberia drilled a hole about 14.4 kilometers down into the crust of the earth. It was a normal work day for the group, but unbeknownst to them something was about to happen that would change their lives for eternity.

While drilling they discovered an open space, a ‘pocket’ beneath the earth’s crust. Interested in their peculiar find, they decided to take a temperature reading and found that it was 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Eager to gain more information about the mysterious pit, the group lowed a microphone into the hole to gage any plate movement…but that was far from what they found.

Instead strange noises were picked up of which they thought were equipment problems. But after adjusting the equipment and sending it down a second time the noises continued and the men were terrified at what they had heard. Blood-curdling cries and screams were coming from what one could only assume was the souls of those being tortured in Hell. Out of sheer fear, they abandoned the project and caped the hole permanently.




6 responses to “Real Sounds From HELL Recorded by Geologists & A Man Who Died, Went To Hell, & Lived to Talk About It…

  1. I have heard about a story like this one a while back on Art Bell’s radio show- “Coast to Coast” It is a late night show, now hosted by George Noory. They have a LOT of people talking about UFO’s & aliens & strange creatures, and all kinds of utter nonsense on that radio show, it really makes me wonder- How can people believe all this weird nonsense and think it is true, but yet the same people try to tell us that the Bible is not true & God is not real…. It makes me want to pray for them! But I guess that is not surprising, God did say people would not stand for the Truth, but would swallow up all the lies…

    I know this story sounds good, but I think I will remain skeptical about the truth of it. I do strongly believe that if anyone actually did go to hell, & come back ( I know it is not possible, because God said so in the Bible) that that person would be the most vocal voice for telling as many people as they could that the Bible is true, Jesus IS real, and those Christians are really telling the truth about Heaven & hell, and that Jesus IS the ONLY way to escape the pain & suffering that all the unbelieving people will be having IF they don’t Repent & Turn to Jesus… Just a thought….

  2. I just clicked on that link to hear the sounds, and the radio announcer at the beginning of the tape IS Art Bell!!! So I think that tape is about 10 years old…

  3. Aloha Lisa,
    I know that is a topic some would debate over, and I do admit it is kind of a “grey area”in a manner of speaking. But I guess I would have to go with the Luke 16:19-31 parable of the rich man & Lazarus.
    I believe there are others, but the way my mind works, I will remember the ones relevant to this topic 10 or 15 minutes after I make this post…… Does that ever happen to you also? I seem to do that a lot- remember the verse to answer a question 10 minutes after the conversation is over…
    And that we really don’t know exactly where hell is at, and as for me, I would prefer to remain as far away from it as possible. <;)

    • I don’t know where hell is exactly either. I leave that up to God, but I did find this information rather interesting so I posted it. And yes the same happens to me also. Bless ya friend!

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