Steadfast Demonic Rise Of Chrislam & List of Churches Supporting it… Is Your Congregation On The List? Find Out Here….

Chrislam is the merging of apostate christianity and Islam and it is truly a pit of serpents and devils.  As predicted this demonic religion is exploding across the globe and specifically here in America. It has been dubbed as the new Emergent Church—a church that has “come out of the closet” so to speak,  and is revealing their devilish nature.

Chrislam was a religion started—in part—by Rick Warren, California’s Saddleback Megachurch leading pastor. He has been known to embrace of the joining of Christianity and Islam and although he denies his connection, he simultaneously promotes the merger through his ministry and outlets.




17 responses to “Steadfast Demonic Rise Of Chrislam & List of Churches Supporting it… Is Your Congregation On The List? Find Out Here….

  1. This “religion” simply can NOT be! The doctrine of Christianity & islam are so opposite of each other, one of them is a complete and outright LIE! God has a Son, named Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah)
    allah has no son… Strike 3, your out! Jesus died for the sins of the world, (those that accept him) muhammed could not even save himself, let alone anyone else….Strike 3 again, 2 outs.
    Jesus lived a sinless life, muhammed was a child molesting rapist pervert….3 outs, islam fails!!!
    I could keep on listing many more irreconcilable differences, but the three I mentioned are very sufficient to give islam the Ultimate FAIL!!!

  2. Rick Warren did not start chrislam. It was started in Lagos Nigeria in 1970 to stop the muslims & Christians from killing each other. However it is totally a bad religion. Any one who says allah is the same as God is wrong. God does not like for little kids to have their hands chopped off or crushed for taking a piece of bread. Also if the “religion of peace” as so stated by the muslims is correct, then why did they create 9/11? Why did the muislim cabbie in texas kill his own daughters for wanting to date christian boys? There is no honor in killing. Does not God claim vengence as His? Think about it. Fr. Gary OSB/BCSA

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