What’s Going On? Are We Really Living in Earth’s Final Hours? Prophecy Unsealed

Satan and his minions are doing everything they can to suppress every ounce of truth because they know Bible prophecy is extremely near its complete fulfillment. Their number one goal is to lead the masses into deception and they’re throwing everything they got: entertainment, music, busyness; all to hide you from the truth. They want to keep you so involved that you fail to recognize what’s happening in the world around you.

God, truth, and knowledge, that is our weapon against this. Satan’s deception is useless when we surround ourselves with such things. We are not to be ignorant of what is happening rather we are to informed, and all those who are not, will quickly fall into Satan’s trap of deception. This is why it is CRITICAL to know the truth of end time prophecy.

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One response to “What’s Going On? Are We Really Living in Earth’s Final Hours? Prophecy Unsealed

  1. I didn’t use to believe it would happen so soon. I figured we would pay the price someday for the regulations and laws that slowly killed commerce due to outsourcing to slave labor China but I didn’t think the stuff we are seeing today would happen until more like 2030 or so.

    Now I am thinking a lot of events will rear their ugly heads around 2018-2020 which there is biblical support I found out but I am never good at remembering bible passages since I have mental disorders so don’t ask here though I am not sure you will even read this far anyways!. 😛

    Which leads me to here. I have been looking at a lot of forums for various companies just for fun and I have notice that they all now have been acting very strangely doing weird stuff to even kill off even their own success in the last several years.

    Many big corporations have all been doing stupid shit lately not even acting in their own self interest as if they are being controlled by an invisible being.

    Yes I am looking at you Microsoft/Google and Yahoo especially which Microsoft stabbed themselves with Windows Vista after the success of Windows XP Service Pack 3 which the Blue Screen of Death almost never happened where on Windows ME it happened all the time at least several times a week!.

    So you would think Windows Vista was failure enough for Microsoft when people had to throw away their old devices due to lack of compatibility and lost a good chunk of a respectful fan base right?
    NOPE!! they went for the Tommy gun wHEN Windows 8 was released trying to force touch screens on computers which helped killed the computer industry so now everyone is on phones only which can be tracked even with the power *OFF* unless you remove the battery. Oh wait they don’t let you remove the battery anymore!

    Google closed off Google Labs which is where a lot of their creative content came from and now as a indirect result a lot of complaints on their Product Forums which either go unheeded or they give BS answers that have nothing to do with the problems though since they took over YouTube they have been involved in a lot of censorship if a video or article like this were to get posted.

    They only leave *stupid* ones up or flame war ones so it appears that all who question the government appears as crack pots to the rest of the world quickly hiding anything else.

    Yahoo isn’t as bad which for a known Liberal site there are strangely a lot of Conservative comments but they switched to the *Purple* format which they rearranged everything making it harder to find news and to find you’re *Questions* which you have to do a bunch of clicking and scrolling.

    A lot of the entertainment industry has been doing weird stuff too which takes too long to get into.

    In short strange things are happening on a scale never before seen! All we need know is the right chips to fall so there is a world wide depression that makes the hero *Perhaps Obama after his elections?* to come from the United Nations doing stuff to please them and soon you will be seeing troops in you’re homeland with the logos UN on them.

    All rights suspended except what they *allow* in order to protect you of course from those damn nutcase conspiracy wack jobs!

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