Secret Files Opened: The Answer Why Nephililm and Government Mutilate Cattle

Since the late 1960′s a strange cattle mutilation phenomenon has been plaguing farmers and ranchers all across the globe. At first these occurrences were thought to be the heinous acts of cult groups and predators as claimed by the FBI in 1979, however with the continued up-kick in cattle mutilations these theories have gone out the door!

In fact cattle mutilations are back with a vengeance, and the weirdness is so high that it literally jumps off the charts. Animals dropped from a height, entire brains missing, no bodily fluid traces, internal organs removed, and more bizarre findings.  Something is going on, something deeper than we want to know.

The video below contains extraordinary notes taken by a scientist who was commissioned by the government to visit alien crash sites and observe alien life (the scientist is now in hiding). In it he reveals the reason why both government and aliens are mutilating cattle. I think you’ll find it rather fascinating….


Click Image To See Shocking Video! 




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