It’s Begun! Obama, Pope, Bilderberg: Rise of NWO and One World Religion. The Puzzle Pieces are Fitting and You’ll Be Amazed at How….

As you are probably well aware the world has gone down the crapper in a matter of minutes! At this moment the Bilderberg meeting is commencing, Obama has made a shocking NWO statement, and the Pope is promoting unity through a One World Religion; all hell is about to break loose!!

I urge you to watch the video below in its entirety as it will reveal some of the most shocking information about what’s going on across the globe RIGHT NOW! The elite are not only planning the New World Order and One World Religion but they have begun the implementation of it through fancy speeches and  the unification of false prophets….


Click Image to See Shocking Video: 




6 responses to “It’s Begun! Obama, Pope, Bilderberg: Rise of NWO and One World Religion. The Puzzle Pieces are Fitting and You’ll Be Amazed at How….

  1. I am by no means a supporter of Obama. Twice I voted for “the other guy”. I do not trust him at all.
    Having said that, this video clip of his speech in Brussels is misleading. In the video supplied here, it gives the illusion that he is saying the average person is too “small minded” to govern themselves and they need a sovereign ruler. The above video uses this “quote” to explain about the coming anti-christ.
    If you watch the full, legitimate video of this speech you will know that he is referring to two ideologies that have played major roles in Europe and elsewhere. He begins by explaining the ideology of individual freedom etc that we enjoy here in America and then says there is a contrasting ideology out there that says people need a sovereign ruler because they are basically too stupid to think for themselves. THAT is where that quote was made. He WAS NOT saying he believes in this line of thought (though he very well may).
    Thus the video provided here is an inaccurate portrayal. In short, it is deception.
    I would not doubt for a minute that BO is in support of a NWO and a supreme leader, but the video clip provided here is edited to make it look like he is saying this when he really was not.
    I do not know if you intentionally posted this, with the aim to deceive and for a “shock value”. If you did, shame on you. If not, please be advised to do better research. You have “Christ” in your blog name, so honor Him with only the truth. There is enough evil out there that point to the end times and the soon arrival of the anti-christ without fabricating stuff. Here is the link to the full speech:

    • But just to clarify it further…. Although Obama was talking about the colonialists Ideals I do believe he had a deeper reason for what he said. Has a tyrant like him ever been known to talk that way about patriots? Heck No! Check his persona then go from there. But either way, I do encourage you to listen to the whole speech and decide for yourself. Its good to have all the facts.

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