America in BIG Trouble: North American Union, Amero, Illegal Alien Anarchy, and the Coming Economic Collapse: Connecting the Dots!! (Shocking Video)

Ever wonder why our boarders are left wide open and why the immigration laws are not enforced? Or why Obama has just allowed thousands of illegal immigrant children to come into our country “legally”if the parents drop them off on the other side of the boarder?  If you haven’t now is the time to ask these questions with the possible arrival of over 150,000 Mexican immigrants pouring into our country.

Our economy is unstable as it is, we have no money and no resources to support this influx. So why do it? There must be a “hidden” agenda to all this chaos. After all, when it comes to Barack Obama, who is a committed globalist, anything goes!

The research in the video below reveals the outright betrayal of the American people by a government cabal who is hell bent on destroying American sovereignty in order to create a North American Union through this influx of immigrant children. This cabal is deliberately circumventing the U.S. Congress and‘We the People’ in blatant violation of our Constitution…thereby committing straight up treason…..

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7 responses to “America in BIG Trouble: North American Union, Amero, Illegal Alien Anarchy, and the Coming Economic Collapse: Connecting the Dots!! (Shocking Video)

  1. I just have to tell you… some so-called Christians may not believe the information you are sharing, but I do! Many times the Word tells us ‘take heed’ ‘let no man deceive you’ ‘beware’ and ‘watch’.
    Thank you from a sister in Christ

  2. Everything is very open with a very clear description of the challenges.
    It was truly informative. Your website is very useful.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  3. These people coming here Illegally really is an insult to me and my wife & mother-in-law!

    I got married when I was in the Navy, stationed in the Philippines. In order to do that, my future wife had to have background checks run on her by the U.S. AND the Philippine government. Then, after both governments were satisfied, we could get married. Then, we started all the paperwork and requirements needed to bring my wife to the USA (LEGALLY)
    So far, so good! Then, when we were here in America, we did all the paperwork and requirements to get her citizenship. And we waited to meet the time requirements for her citizenship. Finally, she finished everything and she became a US Citizen! Total time elapsed- 3 years!

    Then, after my wife & I waited for the time requirements to pass, we petitioned for her Mother to come here from the Philippines. Once again, we did all the required paperwork to bring her here LEGALLY.
    Then we did everything and waited for the time required, and then finally, my Mother-in-law was an American Citizen. Time elapsed- Another 3 years…
    Bottom line- We had to wait a total of 6 YEARS to have my wife & Mother-in-law to become US Citizens LEGALLY!!!

    And these stupid politicians want to bring millions of ILLEGAL immigrants here and give them automatic citizenship, and Ovomit wants $ 3.7 Billion for food, shelter, & comfort for ILLEGALS that Broke the laws to get here in the first place!!!!! Well, F**K YOU, OVOMIT!!!
    I have NO Sympathy for ANYONE that comes here ILLEGALLY!!!
    Let them get a kick in the ass right back to wherever they came from!!!
    I do not care if they are kids, because kids have parents tagging along somewhere not too far behind!!!
    That might not be a Christian attitude, but oh well, that’s how it should be!
    IF they want to come here to America, fine- Do it LEGALLY or NOT AT ALL!!!

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