Post-Christian America and the NWO! Judgment is Coming! Be Ready!

SOURCE- Gods Hidden Nuggets 


As the nation celebrated America’s 238th birthday on the 4th of July, we are also witnessing a great decline of Christian America and a subtle transition into the New World Orderas boldly printed and proclaimed on the reverse side of every US$ Federal Reserve Note since 1935. Whatever happened to Christian America where the name of Jesus Christ was highly esteemed, when people celebrated his birth each year and greeted one another with a hearty Merry Christmas’ and sang Christmas carolsnow replaced by just Happy Holidays; where Biblical values and morality were respected, and practicing sin, a shame?

Never was there a nation in history so great as America who spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with her humanitarian efforts as the salt of the earth, and the light of the world’ Mt5:13,14. Despite her many shortcomings, Christian America was highly regarded for her compassion to the trampled and downtrodden. But the decline of once prosperousChristian America is very obvious today, where poverty, homelessness, immorality, crime, disease, and sin now proliferate, and where God and the name of Jesus are now held in great disdain.

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