Huge Alert: ISIS Targeting Schools, Malls, and Power Grid on 9/11?! A Steve Quayle and Anita Fuentes Alert…


As the ISIS threat increases and our borders stand weakened, new information has surfaced on Steve Quayles website about these possible coming attacks. Here is the official alert from his site:

MAJOR HEADS UP–’Middle East’ looking man videotaping the school from inside a van. WENDELL

“ATTENTION TEACHERS/PARENTS: Spoke to a VERY close friend today, he went to a tactical rifle training course yesterday in Hattisburg, Mississippi. The class was told of a “recent” incident in LaMar County a noisy (alert) parent dropping her kids off at school saw a ‘Middle East’ looking man videotaping the school from inside a van. She went reported it to the school security officer, who called the police. Police came and stopped the video, and there were actually 4 men inside. Arrested the men, and once they played the video, there was actually (4) FOUR schools they had videotaped. The police called the FBI, and they came got the 4 men……..the guy telling the story was a retired deputy from the area……you didn’t hear that on the NEWS I bet. I wrote on here a while back that the Intel community has stated in the past that our schools are IN FACT targets much like now the US shopping malls. Stay Alert….SQ NOTE -SUGGEST PARENTS CONSIDER KEEPING THEIR KIDS HOME ON 9/11 TOO MUCH CHATTER THAT THEY ARE GOING TO HIT SCHOOLS-ALSO BE WARY AND ALERT TO ALL PANEL VANS AND BLACKED OUT WINDOW SUV’S -THE MALLS ARE ALSO TARGETS DURING THIS TIME-CARRY YOUR CAMERAS AT ALL TIMES WITH YOU_REMEMBER THEY WONT ALL BE MIDDLE EASTERN LOOKING MEN-KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AT ALL FOREIGN OWNED AND STAFFED CONVENIENT MARKETS AND GAS STATIONS.”


But that wasn’t the only alert! Another came in this past Friday claiming disturbing news of a possible terrorist attack that could impact the country. Here is the other breaking alert:


“Hi Steve, I work in the media and just received some disturbing news from our editor-in-chief. He has a longtime friend he has known who works in one of the 3 letter agencies (you know what is meant). Our editor just received an email from him (using an alias of course) and told him to “start immediately buying canned goods and non-perishables. We are going to get hit and hit hard and it is going to affect the whole country.” He also stated they (terrorists?) are already here and in place. The message ending by saying “God bless and you were right”–meaning a post on the internet our editor had made about his theory on the missing 11 aircraft. Don’t know how much of this info you have gotten from your sources. I’ve tried to tell as much as possible without giving any possible idea to the ptb where this came from.”

Furthermore according to Evangelist Anita Fuentes latest video it is also possible that we could see an attack on the Power Grid and malls. Here is her breaking report…

Whether or not any of this will come to fruition only time will tell. But either way, this is your heads up!! Just in case… 

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