Attention All! I’m MOVING to a New Domain! Lisa Haven News!


Attention everyone!! I will be closing down the Reality Of Christ website and starting a new one at!! At this new website I will be sharing full news reports rather then links to Before Its News. I am super excited to  begin at this  new location and hope and pray you will subscribe to the new site.

If you wish to continue following me, please do so by Subscribing here and clicking Follow Lisa Haven News or Subscribe via Email! 

Hope to see You all there!! 




11 responses to “Attention All! I’m MOVING to a New Domain! Lisa Haven News!

  1. WOW Lisa I just watched your youtube video on the illuminate I didn’t know you made videos until today !! Thank you for it. You covered so much in the video but I am very glad you have mentioned the Chemtrails and HAARP… These are huge issues in my life because the Lord showed me in 2007 that these very things are a large portion of my battle with chronic Fibromyalgia. I often see Both Chemtrails and Scalar waves simultaneously, and have recently noticed that the scalar waves are now stronger and can dissipate and break up the chemtrails forming complete overcast skies within an hour or less.

    If you visit my blog ( hubertsbest) wordpress you will see one of my best chemtrail photos, taken right here in Edson Alberta.

    Canada has sold out to these guys too way back in the 80’s

    Hence we are being attacked as well as the US in the depopulation agenda

    Great Job Lisa Keep it up!

  2. Hey I watch all your YouTube videos and wanted to message you and say thanks. You must put in a lot of your time to deliver God’s message. I live in Canada and was wondering if you have a connection with someone about Canadian government type information. I would like to subscribe to it. This is the only thing I could find that I could write you a message.

  3. Hello Lisa, Why hav’nt I seen or heard from you before ? I feel cheated. I will be watching from now on. Great job – keep up the good work cutie pie ! God bless you !!

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