Links to get Involved in-

ACLJ – American Center for Law and Justice with Jay Sekulow. Here you can help by signing petitions and more.

AFHE – Here you can support home school education in Arizona and get updated on bills that are passed for or against homeschoolers.

HSLDA – Advocates for homeschooling. They are defense lawyers for homeschool families. In addition you can get updates on bills that are passed for or against homeschooling.

FreedomWorks – Here you can stand up for your American Freedoms and get involved.

Jewish Voice Ministries  or Joshua Fund or United with Israel – Here you can find ways in which to stand and support Israel and get current updates on Israels progress.

Parental Rights – Here you can also sign petitions supporting your rights as a parents, get updates, and more.

Links for Missions:

All Gods Children – Want to adopt? This is the International Adoption Agency I worked with.

ISF – International Sports Foundation (Sports ministry)

Remember the Poor – (Supports Orphanages in Kenya and Uganda)

Favorite News Source Links:

Arutz7 (Good news source from Israel)

The Tru 

Vine of Life News

Before Its News

Susanne Posel

Christian News Today

Debka (Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security)

Glenn Beck

Hal Lindsey

Jerusalem Post

Prophecy Update

The Blaze

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