Below are a few of the teachings I have done in the past. If you would like to here any please click the topic listed below.

Reality of Christ Bible Study and Teachings

Romans 1:20 says, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” 

Have you ever thought about what this verse is actually saying? I mean, to put it more bluntly, all of us have no reason what-so-ever for not believing in God. So that leads me to but one question, if we have no reason to doubt God’s existence, then why do we? Which is something I have struggled with a good part of my life. In this series it will take you to a place beyond ‘mere evidence’ and allow you to see the true reality that is in Christ. So lets get started!

Reality of Christ – Legitimacy of the Bible

Reality of Christ – Archaeology and the Bible

Reality of Christ – Jesus Christ our Biggest Discovery

Reality of Christ – Miracles (this lesson was taught by Pat Alexander)

Reality of Christ – A History Lesson

Reality of Christ – The Battle (This lesson was taught by Jan Strickland)

Reality of Christ – A Jewish Tie

Reality of Christ – A Revelation (about end times & My Favorite)

Gifts to Our King

If you are longing to experience what it means to grow deeper in reverence with our Savior, then this message is for you. It will take you on a journey through the lives of  the three Magi and what it really meant to give ‘gifts’ to our King. You will enjoy it, as it is a favorite to many listeners.

Gifts to Our King

A Jewish Bride

Have you ever studied the practices of an ancient Jewish Wedding? If you haven’t this message will absolutely blow your mind. Because it is in them that you are going to find some profound prophetic implications that apply to the coming of our Lord, who is our Bridegroom and He’s coming soon for His bride. You’ll love it!

A Jewish Bride

God’s Garden 

These teachings are specifically for woman’s ministry leaders of all sorts. If you want to dig deeper in your relationship with Christ, then this teaching is for you! In this lesson you will discover what it means to be part of the garden of Christ and how to be firmly planted in Him. It will ignite in you a new passion for the Lord! (I only taught one of these lessons, but it was well worth sharing with you all.)

Part 1 – Preparing the Soil of our Hearts (by: Julie Krombein)

Part 2 – Firmly Planted (by: Julie Mohline)

Part 3 – Enduring the Seasons (by: Rosemary Miller)

Part 4 – Blossoming Beauty (by: Me)

My Testimony 

This is the testimony of my life and how I became a believer. FYI – This was the first speech I ever gave. Enjoy!

My Testimony

Need a Guest Speaker at your Church?

If you would like for me to be a guest speaker at your church. Please contact me by clicking here. I can teach series, luncheons, Bible studies, and more.

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  3. Hi. I love your teachings that I’ve listened to thus far. Please keep me in your prayers if you don’t mind. Its kinda an unspoken one. Thanks.

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