Highly Contagious Brain Eating Bug Infecting Millions Across the Globe! Be Ready!

This just in! A highly contagious brain eating “bug” has infected the masses. This micro-sized bug has been effecting everyone from the youth to the elderly. It is an airborne virus that can be ingested through the breath of others. It has been found in churches, in homes, in grocery stores, at the park, pretty much everywhere! No one is immune! Cases have been reported from Bangladesh, to Brazil, to the US. Side effects of this pesky little “bug” include: nausea, regret, feelings of shame, insecurity, uneasy feeling, confusion, and in some cases panic!!

What is this diabolical “bug” infecting people’s brains??? It is the devils most masterful prodigy…that is…..DOUBT!

Our enemy the devil has been busy striving to deceive and destroy as many souls as he can before time ends, and one way he does that is by planting seeds of doubt. Which we all have had at one time or another; not one of us are immune to this little deceptive “bug”….




4 responses to “Highly Contagious Brain Eating Bug Infecting Millions Across the Globe! Be Ready!

  1. I hate to bring up the word, but it seems we have been conditioned to accept the reality in movies, music and all types of media regarding…zombies. I never thought I would say this…but it sounds too similar to be a coincidence.

    Just seems when media program and condition the world to accept something as commonplace…it comes to pass.

  2. Well there really is a brain eating amoeba called Nagleri and it has been infecting people by inhaling it through the nose in water. We have had a case in our community, the lady was left to die as the hospitals cannot do anything for you in this case. After the prayer of faith, this young mother was healed.

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